By Matt Brown

Innovators and problem solvers are emerging through all the uncertainty and change in the healthcare industry. Whether idealists, leaders, or passionate subject-matter experts, they are motivated by the opportunity to make healthcare better for all and excited by the need for change. While these transformers are critical to the evolving needs of healthcare today, the industry will need to recruit, identify, and develop the inspirational change agents of the future. Chances are that one of the industry’s future revolutionaries is in your organization right now or maybe even scheduled to interview with you next week. How do you identify them? And, more important, how do you inspire them so that they can achieve their utmost potential?

For the public good and the future of our industry, we all need to take an active role in bringing the best talent into healthcare and ensure that we inspire them to do great things.

During this session on April 30th, we looked at who and what inspired some of MM&M’s current 40 Healthcare Transformers and shared ideas on how you can be a part of inspiring the future 40!  (For more information on the event, please visit MM&M.)

Key takeaways:

  • How to continue to infuse inspiration into the industry
  • Five actions that can help inspire innovative talent
  • Teachable moments for managers in shaping future leaders
  • Inspirational vignettes about the careers of five Healthcare Transformers

Five actions that can help inspire talent:

  • Take a broad and deep look through your organization for transformational talent.
    • Look beyond “strategic” or “innovative” functions for hidden gems in other areas of your business.
    • Look beyond senior leaders and managers for young “up and comers.”
  • Know the difference between “performers” and “potentials,” and focus your energy on both of these groups.
    • Performers are most visible but may burn out or be unable to perform at more senior levels (short-term).
    • Potentials may not be “lighting the world on fire,” but could achieve great things (long-term).
  • Discover their passions and work them into their current role.
    • Simon Sinek has a popular TED talk and a great book titled Start with Why. The principle doesn’t just apply to product or corporate brands; it also applies to personal brands. Understand “why” they want to do, and the how and what they should do will be obvious.
  • Take the time to share your vision/passions.
    • Most people assume that their passions and their work are separate; that’s because they haven’t been exposed to others willing to share their own stories. Inspiring others to follow their dreams often means taking the time to share ours.
  • Give them opportunities.
    • Whether new in their career or an industry veteran, people want to know that they have the opportunity to make a difference and achieve their goals. Some people are afraid of losing a great talent if they give them too much exposure. On the contrary, keep them confined and you’ll lose them for sure. Give them opportunity and you’ll get loyalty in return.